"Fan Style / Convection Oven" or
"Re-circulating Air" Models

Belco manufactures two styles of shrink tunnels to complement every level of shrink film sealer available to our industry. These tunnels will handle all commercially available shrink films, including polyethylene. From production speeds of five up to 150 packages per minute, there is a Belco tunnel suitable for your application.

Two styles of shrink tunnels make up the product line: our “Fan Style / Convection Oven” tunnels and our industry leading “Re-circulating Air” models.

We introduce the product line with our Fan Style tunnels, which are the models ST 1808,
ST 2108 and the ST 3010. The ST 1808 and the ST 2108 models are also built into our “Sealer/Tunnel Combination”(STC) semi-automatic shrink packaging systems. These models are rated for production speeds of 5-25 packages per minute or 500,000 to 2,600,000 packages per year. (Based upon one 8-hour shift).

These tunnels employ cal-rod heating elements, similar to what you would find in a commercial kitchen’s electric oven. A microprocessor based Watlow digital temperature controller monitors the hot air which is directed about the heat chamber by use of fan blade wheels placed within the footprint of the square shaped heater elements. This hot air "washes" or "scrubs" the shrink film surrounding your product to quietly balloon the film and then tightly shrink to the contours of the package.

Tunnel chamber sizes are 18" Wide x 8" High x 24" Long, 21" Wide x 8" High x 36" Long and 30" Wide x 10" High x 48" Long. Optional extended heights are available for taller packages.

Next are the “Re-circulating Air” style tunnels, which complete the rest of the product line.

These tunnels utilize the Watlow 988 microprocessor based digital temperature controller and multiple "fin-strip" heating elements in combination with a forced air flow design. This air delivery pattern allows the precise application of hot air directly to the film as your product is conveyed through the shrink chamber. You have the ability to pattern the airflow allowing or not allowing it to contact the film where ever you select.

The result is the best possible shrink, even for difficult shapes.

Use this style tunnel where the application calls for absolute shrink quality, seal control, speed or aesthetics. These models are rated for production speeds of 20-150 packages per minute, or 2,000,000 to 15,500,000 packages per year. (Based upon one 8-hour shift).

Re-circulating air tunnel sizes range from 16" Wide up to 44" Wide by various height openings and shrink chamber lengths. Automatic cool down and shut off is standard.

Whenever the package dimension comes within 2” of any chamber wall, seek factory advice. The concern is the shrink film contacting the chamber surface during the ballooning process. Typically, the next size shrink chamber will be recommended, but not without careful evaluation.

All tunnels are available with conveyor choices of Teflon mesh belt, silicone rubber sleeved live rod/rollers or Falcon belt style conveyors.

The rule of thumb is Teflon mesh belts handle light products up to five pounds, the rod conveyor is for heavier products up to 25 pounds, as well as applications where aesthetics are critical and the Falcon belt is for your heaviest packages and shrink polyethylene films.



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