Belco Shrink Tunnels
Product Features


Main Power Switch
Turns on/off the power to the entire machine. Maintains all previously set tunnel adjustments, which assures rapid start up and consistent quality at the beginning of your next shift.

Heater Switch
This switch allows the heaters to be shut off at the end of your production run without having to change temperature settings. This expedites start up and assures quality control. In addition, it facilitates machine “cool down" by allowing the tunnel fans and conveyor to run until cooled. This assures maximum machine component life and minimizes down time, thus assuring your greatest productivity.

Variable Speed Conveyor Control
Allows you to adjust the conveyor speed to obtain the best quality “shrink" for your products regardless of their size or shape. To further enhance your productivity, you can adjust the speed to match your production line speeds to prevent shingling or separation of product in multi-pack situations.

Digital Temperature Control
Insures consistent and uniform shrink quality by virtually eliminating any temperature fluctuation within the shrink tunnel. Presents a dual display read-out of both actual and set-point temperature to provide an accurate visual indication of tunnel temperature conditions. An added benefit of digital control is it minimizes setup and changeover time to further increase productivity.

Adjustable Fan Speed Controls
Allows independent adjustment of air flow over all surfaces of your package. This assures quality shrink packaging plus maximum flexibility, no matter what the size or shape of your product. (Fan style tunnels only)

Adjustable Air Flow Controls
Two adjustable controls move louvers inside the tunnel chamber to whisper air flow or run wide open. The ST 3212 and the high speed tunnels have infeed and exit air flow controls for ultimate performance. (Re-circulating air style tunnels only)

Teflon Mesh Conveyor Belt
This durable, non-stick belt is ideal for very small packages or multi-packs. The design of the mesh belt facilitates even air flow to all surfaces of your package and is essential when your product must be transported smoothly through the tunnel .

Rod / Roller Conveyor
3/8" diameter silicone rubber covered rollers on 1-1/2" centers transport your product through the heat chamber. As the rollers turn, your product continually moves so there is never any imprint or mark on the bottom of your package.

Falcon Belt Conveyor Belt
This heavy duty, glass filled nylon, open style belt is excellent for heavy products, shrinking polyethylene wrapped products or when the minimum maintenance possible is required.

Welded Frame
Belco Shrink Tunnels are built to last. You can depend on years of trouble free production. All Belco Shrink Tunnels start with the same premise… a heavy wall tubular steel welded frame. Solid... nothing to loosen up… nothing to become misaligned and cause unnecessary wear and downtime.

Heavy Duty Locking Casters and Leveling Pads
Belco Shrink Tunnels are mobile. You’ll find them easy to move from one production location to another assuring maximum production flexibility and productivity. Once in place, the tunnel's leveling pads can be adjusted to match your conveyor height to your production line.

Heavy Duty Motor Drive
Built to last. The heavy duty, variable speed gear motor has proven to be the industry leader to assure years of trouble free and dependable productivity.

Automatic Cool Down
At the end of the shift, simply turn OFF the tunnel heater switch and the conveyor switch. The machine will begin the cool down cycle and then automatically shut-off until you are ready to begin again. (Recirculating air style tunnels only)

Tunnel Curtains
Double silicone rubber re-inforced curtains form fit around your packages. This minimizes heat loss and maintains tunnel temperature accuracy and consistency to assure quality shrink packages.

Assurance Guarantee
All Belco products are built to exacting standards with the finest materials. They are built to be rugged, durable and precise. You will achieve years of productive and profitable service from them.

Optional Features

Lighted Viewing Window
Allows for faster set up and easy adjustment of controls to enhance packaging quality and productivity. It’s great for contract packagers or companies with in-house tours to demonstrate to customers how you monitor quality and productivity on a continuous basis.

E-stops Located on Tunnel Entrance and Exit

Product Guide Rails

In-feed & Exit Conveyor Extensions

Teflon Curtains for Use with Shrink Poly

In-feed Empty Bag Blow-Off Motor with Switch

Smart Tunnel Control System
For repeatable performance and easily documented settings, the PLC system with color operator interface controls tunnel air velocity, tunnel temperature and conveyor speed. 100 product recipes can be stored and recalled for absolute, fast and easy set-ups.

PATENT PENDING (Re-circulating air style tunnels only)

Smart Tunnel
“Smart Tunnel " Control Panel with PLC Touch Screen
Patent Pending



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