Belco Shrink Tunnels
How to choose which Belco Tunnel is right for you?

Size – The first consideration is the size range of packages you need to wrap. If they won’t fit into the tunnel opening, you can’t shrink it. It’s important to consider the entire size range of packages you want to shrink wrap. A general guideline is to allow 2 inches of clearance between the top and sides of your largest package to the top and sides of the inside tunnel dimensions.

Product Package Complexity – Do your packages include irregularly shaped designs, windows or high profile cube boxes or cartons? If so, some of your products may require more precise air control to maintain quality shrink packaging, therefore, you may want to consider one of the Belco “re-circulating air" tunnels.

Speed – Do you require standard or high speed productivity? You should consider how many packages you need to produce to meet peak demands as well as satisfy regular production schedules.

Conveyor Belts or Rollers – If your range of package sizes is from small to very large or heavy, rollers should be your choice. If you’re going to be shrink wrapping very small to medium sized packages or loose multi-packs, a Teflon mesh belt conveyor may accommodate your needs. For extra heavy duty applications or for shrink wrapping unstable products (products that may tip over), we recommend choosing our glass filled nylon “Falcon Belt".

Which Style to Choose-
Fan Style / Convection or Re-circulating Air (Click here)

Belco will be happy to discuss and help you evaluate what your specific needs may require. You can count on us to provide you with the expertise you expect. Whatever your needs, you can be assured that Belco has a shrink tunnel to meet your requirements.

Which ever Belco machine you choose, you can be confident that it will be productive and profitable for you!




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