Belco Shrink Tunnels
The Solid Framework for Productivity

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This convection style shrink tunnel is available in three sizes to handle 200,000 to 2 million packages per year.


This re-circulating air shrink tunnel is available in ten configurations to produce 200,000 to 5 million packages per year.


This high speed re-circulating air shrink tunnel is available in four models and will handle 2 million to 15 million packages per year.


You’ll profit from the solid advantages of Belco shrink tunnels. These ruggedly-built machines provide the framework for greater productivity and less maintenance, which means higher profitability for you. Belco’s durable, heavy duty, fully-welded tubular steel frames give you dependable performance and consistent results, even after years of hard use.

Belco shrink tunnels are built to last. No bolts to loosen and weaken the machine. No shaking and rattling to affect production performance. No parts sticking or jamming in critical situations. Each tunnel's carefully regulated air flow pattern gives you a precisely shrink wrapped package, along with energy savings and lower operating costs. What you get is a total performance shrink tunnel .

Performance Packaging
With over 46 years of manufacturing experience, Belco has learned that your framework for productivity and profitability relies upon many important elements beyond the machine frame itself.

That’s why Belco shrink tunnels feature a micro-processor based, digital temperature control which provides greater tunnel temperature accuracy and assures you consistent, uniformly shrink wrapped packages. These well insulated, smooth running tunnels will shrink all commercially available shrink films. By tuning the airflow pattern around your product, Belco shrink tunnels can operate at lower, more energy efficient temperatures, run at faster production rates and make less demands on your work environment.

No matter how difficult your production schedule or what kind of film you choose, you can depend on Belco shrink tunnels for maximum performance and optimum results. Inside and out, from top to bottom, Belco creates a framework for efficiency… a machine that pays for itself. Specific Belco machines feature automatic tunnel cool down that extends heater and conveyor life. Various conveyor types are available depending on your product and required packaging needs. Heavy duty locking casters for portability and space conservation are standard.

Strength of Product, Strength of Company.
It’s not surprising that the most dependable… and consequently, most productive… shrink tunnels on the market are made by Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. The largest manufacturer of shrink packaging and blister sealing systems on the West Coast, Belco engineers every product for long life and maximum productivity. All Belco machines are backed by a quality service and repair network, a friendly, knowledgeable staff that makes doing business so easy and one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Belco Packaging Systems, Inc., the experts at developing complete packaging systems for your specific requirements, is committed to your total satisfaction.
No ifs, ands or bolts.



Belco Shrink Tunnels are built to exacting standards with the finest materials. Rugged and durable, the frame is guaranteed for 5 years. The motors and electrical components are UL listed and have passed precise measurement tests and are guaranteed for 1 year. The overall performance of your machine is guaranteed for one year. Extended warranty, preventative maintenance and spare parts kits are available. Belco inventories components and parts for machines sold.


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