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Manual and Semi-Automatic Operation
Shrink Packaging Equipment

Belco L-Sealers are built to operate at manual speeds of 5-7 packages per minute all the way up to 18-25 packages per minute when semi-automatic options are added to the basic machine. Both impulse wire sealing as well as hot knife sealing systems are available for the various machine sizes offered.
Belco shrink tunnels are available in Fan Style / Convection Oven Style and Re-circulating Air Models to properly handle your particular application for speed, package aesthetics, budget and floor space. Packaging speeds ranging from a few per minute all the way up to 150 packages per minute are possible when you select one of Belco's standard or high-speed tunnels.
The Belco STC models combine an L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel on one compact frame to give you all the packaging performance you would expect from separate components. Available in two popular sizes with all the standard options, these machines can handle production speeds up to 25 packages per minute.



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