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MAXX 5 Bag Top Sealer-Labeler

Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. has recently completed the purchase of machine rights for the MAXX 5 Bag Top Sealer-Labeler from American Design and Packaging located in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

Production, technical assistance, parts and sales support will be moved to Belco’s corporate headquarters in Monrovia, Ca. beginning in September, 2007. Machines will become available late September, 2007 for delivery.

Bag Sealer

The MAXX 5 Bag Top Sealer-Labeler is a completely new machine designed with the operator in mind. Filled bags are hand fed into the machine with one smooth motion. Bags are labeled, hermetically sealed, hole punched and returned to the operator, all in less than one second. A new header label is then automatically transferred from the magazine to the sealing position, signaling the machine is ready for the next cycle.

The MAXX 5 replaces the manual operation of bag sealing and stapling a header to a bag as well as providing an inexpensive header label for pre-filled and sealed bags made on automatic weigh scale systems. Average production rates are 27-29 packages per minute up to 35 ppm maximum.


Merlin F/F/S wrapper with a standard
Shuttleworth High Speed Gated SmartFeed

A well known international food company asked their local authorized Belco distributor for help with a shrink wrapping system for their 25 and 50 count packages of frozen hash browns.

The target speed was 80 packages per minute with the ability to surge to 90 packages when necessary. The two container sizes were identical except for length and weight and traveled single file down the customer’s conveyor line to be automatically fed into the wrapping machinery.

DFC Packaging in Victoria, Australia brought this project to Belco to provide a turn-key solution for their customer’s requirement.

Belco engineers recommended the high speed Merlin F/F/S wrapper with a standard Shuttleworth High Speed Gated SmartFeed 10 foot infeed conveyor to properly handle the customer’s packages.

Belco proceeded to custom integrate the two machines and by adding a set of photo-eyes to meet the higher surge speeds, completed the system with standard components for reliability, versatility and robust performance.




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