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BM PC - Complete Accountability, Total Validation

Models BM PC 2020, BM PC 3025 and BM PC 3830

The ultimate in process control, the Belco PC Series provides Data Acquisition Software (DAS) for complete traceability of every seal cycle. Designed to insure the highest level of consistency and repeatability, Belco's PC units are the machines of choice for companies requiring barcoding, real time package data management and the most exacting precision controls. With the Belco BM PC models, you will find the ultimate in performance, combining our proven standard features and state-of-the-art enhancements.

BM PC 2020

Swing Arm Mounted Touch Screen
provides an easy to read and use
operator interface

BM PC Options

  • Custom Data Acquisition Packages
  • Bar-Code Scanners
  • Cycle Stop Interrupt Switch
  • Customized Programming
  • RFID Capable

Optional Hand Held
Barcode Scanner

which speeds the input of package
data into the machine database

Process Monitoring of Machine Functions for Tme, Temperature and Pressure Are Key Components of the DAQ Monitoring System.

System Alarms for Temperature, Pressure, Tray Position and Cylinder Position Disable Machine Cycling When Out of Specified Tolerances.

DAQ Software Package for Time, Temperature and Pressure is a Complete Software Solution Providing 100% Traceability and Validation.

12-Point Thermocouple Monitoring of the Sealing Platen Provides On-Screen Visual Confirmation of Actual Seal Platen Temperature.

Separate Time and Pressure Controls for Front and Rear Shuttles Allow Sealing of Two Different Package Set-ups.

A Closed Dual Loop Digital Feedback Pressure Control System with External Transducer Precisely Regulates Actual Sealing Pressures By Constantly Monitoring the Air System and Automatically Compensating for any Deviations, Providing the Highest Accuracy Seal Cycle Pressure Control Available.

State-of-the-Art Voltage Sensitive Temperature Control Provides Industry Leading Seal Platen Temperature Accuracy.

Network Monitoring of all Seal Cycle Processes Allow Data Retrieval of Every Machine Cycle From Remote Locations for Increased Management Control.

Validation Ports for Time, Temperature and Pressure.


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