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BM Standard - The Solid Framework for Dependability

Models BM Standard 2020, BM Standard 3025

When you need productivity, reliability and accuracy, you can count on Belco BM Standard models. You get consistent quality seals with built-in safety and performance features. Designed to provide operator confidence and process control, these capable units are affordably priced for situations where your primary concerns include both quality and budget.

BM Standard

Model Shown - BM Standard 2020

  • Main "On/Off" Power Control
  • Digital Seal Time Controller with Lockout
  • Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Controller
    with Alarm
  • Non-Maring Locking Casters add flexibility to your production area


BM Standard -

Stationary CNC machined heating platen has no moving thermocouple or heater supply wires to ensure low maintenance and long service life.

Heat shroud helps maintain consistent temperature across platen.

Custom-engineered heating system delivers precise heat over the entire platen surface.

Quick release latches allow easy access for rapid top tooling changeovers and maintenance.

Fully enclosed Seal chamber insures operational safety.

8 inch bore air cylinder located below the critical seal plane area minimizes potential contamination.

Recessed controls prevent damage to components and prevent accidental changes to parameters.


0.1 Micron Coalescing Exhaust Filter allows
exhausting directly into cleanroom.

Oiless Air System eliminates potential
for cleanroom contamination.

Adjustable Leveling Screws prevent machine movement
during operation. Standard on all floor models.
Leveling Screws

BM Standard Options

  • Independent Station Timer
  • Low Air Pressure Safety Switch
  • Two Gallon Air Reservoir
  • Validation Ports

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