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Belco Company Background:

Founded in 1959 as a precision machine shop, Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. has grown to become the largest manufacturer of shrink packaging and blister sealing systems on the West Coast of the U.S.A.

Designed to the highest standards of machine performance, all Belco machines are backed by a service and repair network -- part of our "problem solver" philosophy.

As part of the continuing commitment to customer service, Belco can design and install packaging systems that involve modified machinery and added options. Belco delivers, installs, services, and sells parts for all equipment it manufactures. The strong technical support staff provides fast, efficient service.

Belco Packaging Systems, Inc. has earned its reputation for consistent performance and engineering quality. Belco machines are built to last and are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

From the President:

Profitability, productivity and dependability. That's what you get when you own Belco packaging equipment. But it doesn't stop there. When working with us, you also enjoy friendly, knowledgeable and experienced people.

Our packaging systems are designed to the highest standards of machine performance. They come in a variety of sizes and models to meet your specific needs. All are backed by our highly qualified service network . . . part of our problem prevention philosophy.

Your confidence in your packaging equipment is of the foremost importance to us. That's why our equipment is backed by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Our Warranty demonstrates the commitment you expect, demand and get when using Belco equipment and supplies. You benefit because Belco and your local distributor can provide you with professional, turnkey packaging systems and solutions.

A. Michael Misik
Belco Packaging Systems, Inc.


All Belco equipment is built to exacting standards with the finest materials. Rugged and durable, the frame is guaranteed for five years. The motors and electrical components are UL listed and have passed precise measurement tests and are guaranteed for one year. The overall performance of your Belco machine is guaranteed for one year. Extended warranty, preventative maintenance and spare parts kits are available. Belco inventories components and parts for machines sold.





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