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Fully Automatic In-Line L-Sealer
Accepts Taller Product. Complete With
Adjustable Center Seal Capability and
Closing Conveyor For Small Product Transfer

Built of heavy-duty steel frame construction with enamel finish. Sealing size is 22.4"L x 17.7"W and can accept up to a 9" high product with center sealing capability. Machine is capable of speeds of 25-30 packages per minute depending on product size and film gauge.

Standard Features Include:

Hot knife sealing system eliminates element wire replacement;
Precision temperature controls to regulate side seal and front seal temperature;
Handwheel adjustment allows for quick product changeover;
Ability to run random length products via horizontal and vertical photo eyes;
Powered conveyor infeed with No Product / No Cycle Eye;
Eye level control panel with digital readouts;
Waist level film cradle with powered film unwind, makes film change over easy;
Automatic film trim scrap wind-up, no vacuum required;
Capability to seal all commercial grades of shrink film;
Emergency stop switch with reset button;
Complete safety protection on sealing arm with automatic arm return;
Adjustable height legs with locking casters;
Adjustable center seal and stroke for up to 9" high product;
Closing conveyor to bridge seal gap for running small packages;
Film miser to minimize film waste;
Film support bar prevents top sheet of film from dragging on products;
Pin hole perforators for air evacuation;
Adjustable film inverter with air assist;
Timed preheat switch to warm lower seal pads for faster seals;
Staging feature allows for faster production speeds;
Conveyor belt speed of 75 feet/minute.


Minimum Package Size
2-1/2"W x 2"L x 1/8"H
Maximum Package Size 14"W x 21"L x 9"H
Maximum Film Width 22" CF
Conveyor Height off the Ground 33-1/2" - 37"
Electrical 220 Volt; 1 Phase; 6 Amps
Air 1 CFM @ 80 PSI
Machine Dimensions 52"W x 72"L x 58"H
Shipping Weight 935 lbs


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