BELCO L-Bar Sealers
How to choose which Belco ILS is right for you?

Belco manufactures manual and semi-automatic L-bar heat sealers capable of running production speeds of 5 to 25 packages per minute or five hundred thousand up to two and one half million packages per year. (Based upon one 8-hour shift).

Seal capacities range from 20" Long x 16” Wide up to 50" Long x 30” Wide for our standard sealer line, which have specific matching shrink tunnels to complete your shrink packaging system.

All models employ a precision controlled hot wire system or hot knife technology capable of sealing all commercially available shrink films, including polyethylene shrink and bagging materials.

The Models ILS 2016, ILS2520, and ILS3022 manufacture heat seals with a single nichrome element wire for both the front and side seals, so set up is literally accomplished with the simple adjustment of the wire temperature and the impulse time controls. Broken wire down time disappears as these controls make production set ups and changeover simple, reliable and predictable.

The Models ILS4030, ILS5030 and custom sized sealers precisely control the independent front and side seal wires with dedicated heat adjust controls so wire temperature can be adjusted properly for the package size range to be sealed.

Hot knife sealing technology is available on all Belco sealing equipment. This system uses heavy duty cartridge heaters, thermo couples and microprocessor based Watlow digital temperature controllers to exactly monitor the side seal and front seal temperatures. Product change-overs and setups are exact and repeatable. Hot knife inserts allow for simple maintenance and sealing of all films.

Size – The first consideration is the size range of packages you need to wrap. If they will not fit into the seal area, you can’t wrap it. Low profile packages can be sealed in seal areas that are much closer in size to your actual package length and width. Taller packages will require larger seal areas. It’s important to consider the entire size range of packages you want to wrap.

Please Note: Ask your Belco sales representative to recommend which machine is correct for you based on the maximum length, width and height of your product.

Product Package Complexity – Do your packages include irregularly shaped designs, small, low profile or high profile cube boxes or cartons? If so, some of your products may benefit with increased packaging speeds by considering Belco’s unique inverting head/powered film unwind system. Your operator will spend less time preparing and handling the product and realize more productivity in the wrapping operation.

Speed – Do you require standard or high speed productivity? You should consider how many packages you need to produce to meet peak demands as well as satisfy regular production schedules. Belco’s air-operated L-Sealers with inverting head and powered film unwind can dramatically increase your daily production output.

Productivity Options – Belco offers many options that can be added to your ILS which are designed to meet your specific production requirements and enhance your productivity. These include: powered film unwind with adjustable inverting head, air-operated seal arm or Magna-Lock hold down system and power take-away conveyor. Please ask your friendly Belco representative to assist you in determining how each of these options can best meet your specific needs. Belco will be happy to discuss and help you evaluate what your specific needs may require. You can count on us to provide you with the expertise you expect. Whatever your needs, you can be assured that Belco has an L-Sealer system to meet your requirements.

Regardless which Belco ILS sealer you send into production, the operator performs important routine seal bed maintenance without the need for tools, parts or service technicians. It is as simple as lifting and turning the seal bed Teflon strip or seal base rubber.

All wear items are designed for multiple life cycles, providing you production when expected. Schedule preventative maintenance when it is convenient. You won’t experience expensive delays to productivity because of normal wear and tear issues.


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