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Shown below is the Belco Model ILS 2016 Hot Knife L-Bar Sealer. This machine has a 20" Long x 16" Wide seal capacity and features the Magna-Lock seal head hold down and product take-away conveyor. Adding this level of automation reduces operator fatigue while increasing production speeds. Front seal and side seal heated sealing knives are monitored using two microprocessor based Watlow digital heat controllers. An adjustable timer provides the correct dwell time to assure consistent, strong quality seals. When you require maximum performance over a wide range of package sizes, this system will provide years of dependable productivity and profitability.


Main Power Switch
Turns on/off the power to the entire machine. Maintains all previously set sealer adjustments which assures rapid start up and consistent quality seals at the beginning of your next shift.

Constant and Impulse Heat Sealing
This switch allows the operator to choose between a constant hot wire sealing condition and impulse heat where the wire gets hot only when the seal arm is lowered to contact the film.

Impulse Time
This time control monitors how long the element wire gets hot.

Seal Wire Heat Adjust
Includes “constant" and “impulse" heat sealing. This control determines how fast and how hot the seal wire will get, allowing for maximum production speeds.

Sealing Wire Sensor
This unique switch prevents the sealing wire from overheating during the seal cycle. By sensing the correct seal wire temperature, fast, clean seals are obtained. You can expect longer seal wire life and reduced wear and tear to the sealing head assembly with this proven Belco system.

Watlow Digital Temperature Controls
For Hot Knife Sealing, two Watlow controls adjust the heat to the front seal knife and the side seal knife.

Dwell Time Control
This adjustable time control monitors how long the seal knives are in contact with the film.

Film Cradle
This heavy duty film cradle has adjustable side guides to position the film and a film unwind brake to adjust how fast the film unwinds. No tools required.

Infeed Tray
For standard feeding of product, an aluminum infeed tray with film opening horn is provided.

Seal Arm Guards
These guards clamp the film in an even and positive manner to reduce film tension during the sealing process and insure quality seals.

Quick Change Bottom Teflon Clamps
Magnetic clamps allow your operator to quickly change and maintain the bottom seal sponge and Teflon. In addition, it allows for flipping and reversing both of these normal wear items to prolong their life and lower your operating costs.

Adjustable Tilt
The product sealing table or optional take-away conveyor can be raised, lowered or tilted to allow smooth transfer of your product out of the seal area.

Locking Casters and Leveling Pads
Move your Belco L-Sealer from site to site or level it and leave it in your production line. The choice is yours.

Welded Frame
Belco ILS’s are built to last. You can depend on years of trouble free production. All Belco L-Sealers start with the same premise...a heavy wall tubular steel welded frame. Solid...nothing to loosen up...nothing to become misaligned and cause unnecessary wear and downtime.

Standard Options:

Magna-Lock Sealing Arm System
Powerful magnets hold down the seal arm to provide semi-automatic operation and even seal pressure along the entire seal base. The adjustable timer provides the correct dwell time necessary to assure consistent, strong, quality seals.

Air-Operated Seal Arm
Dual Opto-Touch start switches begin the seal cycle and greatly reduce operator fatigue while creating the best seals possible in semi-automatic mode.

PLC Controlled Operation
Once the dual Opto-Touch start switches initiate a seal cycle, the PLC program lowers the sealing arm under low pressure. When the seal arm reaches the base, valves switch to high pressure for the sealing cycle.

Power Take-Away Conveyor
Once the seal is complete, the arm raises and the product is transferred out of the sealing area. An adjustable timer controls how long the conveyor moves the product, either all the way out of the seal area or just far enough to make the next package.

Powered Film Unwind
This motorized film cradle feeds film to the operator upon demand as the package is advanced into the seal area. Regardless of how fast the operator or how long or small the product size, this option can maximize production speeds while minimizing operator fatigue.

Adjustable Film Inverting Head
By turning film inside out in a 90° manner, an in-line packaging operation can be created to significantly increase production flow, lessen product handling and increase operator efficiencies. The adjustable height inverting head opens the film for the operator to help reduce fatigue. This feature also minimizes the amount of film required to wrap your package and eliminates the need to buy additional fixed heads for your other package sizes.

Hole Punches
Air evacuation devices come in several styles to best fit your machine and application. Choose pin-wheel, thermal, electro-magnetic, air or multiperf for your machine.



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